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Grupo Victory 7


We are the Group Victory 7. A group of Brazilian origin and global dimension. Our vocation is to turn good ideas into wealth dreams into accomplishments. We think big and we project now a more prosperous and sustainable future.


We identify the best business opportunities and turn them into value. Structural projects developed with efficiency and focused on technology state-of-art. We are a multisector group. 

A Synergy of our capital leads to the generation of shared wealth.


We operate with transparency and accountability of those who trust in the ability to perform high-value initiatives for people, for Brazil and for the world.

Bland essence


Vision to perform and transform



A look that sees the whole broadly integrated. Identifying active equates good ideas and visualize as if they were ready.


To perform

A unique ability to perform 

with energy, dynamism and discipline, bringing together the best capital - human, economic, environmental, technological, and cultural - wherever they are to leave legates.


And turning

The desire to go where no one has really changed for the present and build the future with transformational projects that deliver results and create wealth cycles

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